One of the best preserved mosaics in Ilidža is a specimen belonging to a type with a central motif. The decoration consists of a spherical rhombus, around which the space is divided into four elliptical and four trapezoidal fields. These parts are framed by an endless braid motif. On the mosaic, depictions of dolphins, fish and pedums are still visible. A nymph is displayed in the central part.

There are four more fragmented mosaic specimens found at the Ilidža site. A common feature of these mosaics is the existence of square fields that contain figural representations of birds, theatrical masks, classical geometric motifs, rosettes, Gordian knot, a field filled with a series of triangles, frames in the form of braids, etc. A mosaic with an interestingly rendered depiction of Amor on a sea lion was also discovered in Ilidža.

The mentioned motif classifies the mosaic into a group with a false central motif scheme. Amor is located in a spherical rhombus with rounded corners. The image illustrates the detail of the thiasos scene, i.e. the wedding of Thetis and Poseidon. Another mosaic from Ilidža with the same thiasos theme is a specimen with a sea serpent motif.