Other occupations

It must be mentioned that in Sarajevo and other places – čaršijas there were occupations that did not have their čaršija, stores, shops or even stalls. These occupations are an essential part of a čaršija and its life, but in time there have become undeservedly forgotten, such as: telals – individuals who shouted news in čaršija, hamamdžijas – maintained public baths, talaks – usually worked in hamams as masseurs, hamals –  carried loads, handžijas – rented hans or inns, krečars – makers and sellers of lime, ćerpidžijas – makers of čerpić – unbaked earth brick, pasvandžijas – night guards in čaršija, odundžijas – who brought wood on horses and sold it, kiridžijas – transported loads using their cart horses, and some other activities.

It is worth mentioning that the guilds had a significant impact on the town’s life. In case of dissatisfaction with a decision of the central or local authorities, they would close their shops during work days. In the final period of the Ottoman rule in the territory of today’s Bosnia and Herzegovina, many reforms were made with a long-standing  impact on the cultural and economic development.