During the course in Numeric Graphics and Animation, taught on the first year of Masters Study of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo, students learn photogrammetric 3D modeling by using Photomodeler software.This modeling technique (image-based modeling) is an interactive tool that allows the user to build a geometric model of an object based on a set of photographs. In order to develop the 3D models further and to make them more realistic, in addition to this modeling technique, students have also used traditional modeling techniques (3DS Max).

Each student had the task to model one of the SteŠaks from the Collection of SteŠaks of National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, individually. Final product is an interactive digital catalog in the form of schematic description of the exhibitions. By clicking on the specific object visitor is provided with its website, which contains historical data and 3D model that can be explored in 3D space by using the adequate player.

Interactive catalog will be delivered in the DVD form, which may be distributed to the visitors of the Museum as the souvenir. There is also possibility to put this application on the touch screen panels in the Museum, and on the Museum's website as well.

Project team:

Project coordinator – dr Selma RizviŠ, Assistant Professor
Design of the website and working with students - Aida Sadzak, BScEE, teaching assistant
Working with students, modeling – Goran RadoševiŠ, student-helper

Digital catalog of SteŠaks, Sarajevo 2009