About the project

About the project

In the summer of 1942, the West Bosnia combat group surrounded Kozara with three bresches (rings) of soldiers. The famous Battle of Kozara lasted from mid-June to mid-July 1942, when partisan forces tried to break through the enemy’s encirclement and save the population of Kozara on several occasions. The biggest breakthrough took place in the night between July 3th and 4th.

It would be difficult to mark all the places and preserve the memory of all those who were part of it. That’s why in 1972, a memorial complex on Mrakovica was built, consisting of the Revolution Monument, the Memorial Wall and the Memorial Museum, in which now, with the help of a virtual reality application, the Kozara forest will tell the story of Kozara and its heroes.

The virtual reality application allows visitors of the Memorial Museum in Mrakovica to become part of this famous battle and to solve the tasks that are set before them to build the imposing Monument to the Revolution.


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