'Šiš' for coffee roasting

In Bosnia, coffee is more than a cup of liquid to wake up people after sleepless night, or something to drink with breakfast. There are almost no Bosnians who can imagine their everyday life without coffee.

Today, Bosnians usually have coffee from the machine-espresso coffee. The original Bosnian coffee, has almost disappeared. In the past, people used to buy raw coffee and fry it in the 'šiš', on the wood stove. Šiš' probably came to Bosnia during the Ottoman conquest in XVI century.

This device, which can now be found only in a few households, is made of iron. It is usually in the form of cylinder with an iron rod, which is used for rotating the 'šiš', in order to fry coffee equally from all sides. On the front side of the 'šiš' is a small window through which the coffee is poured and taken out.

It is often necessary to open the window and stir coffee in the 'šiš', in order to fry it uniformly from all sides. About a half kilo of coffee could fit in the 'šiš'. Frying coffee was often creating in Bosnian houses and gardens a wonderful atmosphere and scent. Many people keep nice memories from those times.


Author: Amer Zildžić