Water carts


A new day was born in Sarajevo, the day which should be the same as all others, but it wasn't, it became a historical day. 6th April, as if everything was dead, missing, lost in lividness of all the bad that was becoming increasingly powerful.      

Instead of spring rain as God's blessings, the skies over Sarajevo could not be seen from the storm of bullets and shells which created decor of the biggest coming hell.
The years of poverty, hunger, universal struggle for life has come.

Long queues of people in front of the kitchen of the city witnessed sad picture of Sarajevo.
At times people would forget all the dangers that are preyed upon by the surrounding buildings, and only a few yards separated the men from certain death. These lines seem like a lost flock of innocent sheep in wolf's den. The heaviest were morning departures by water, followed by creaking of old carts.

The seriousness of the situation did not allow daily departure, therefore, these carts were a great rescue. People had often dragged on them more than they could, but I guess that in those moments appears some additional strength. Creating such a carts was quite simple, whereby they were required only one basket and the wheels of roller skates. At the bottom of the basket the wheels were welded and the  process of making was completed.

Thanks to these improvisations citizens of Sarajevo were able to carry large quantities of water  needed for  normal function of household.


Author: Amra Delić