Icar can


ICAR product, originally designed and manufactured in Italy, is one of the projects of the international community to help with the main population of war-affected countries and other similar crises.

Specified product packaging is made of metal panel. The content of this product, at least judging by the packaging, is high quality beef. There are various opinions, and even today on some blogs, there are many discussions and debates about the origin, composition, quality and importance of this product. There are those who argue that the canned beef satisfy’s all the norms prescribed by a product that the mass-produced must satisfy, and has helped many people who had no choice.

Irrefutable fact is that this product has great significance in the recent history of our country and that really did help many people in the most difficult moments. However  it’s clear what’s the attitude of those who used  it, and they have expressed this attitude, in the sarcastic way, by presenting the monument in the city center, 09.04.2007., as "gratitude" to the international community for provided assistance. However, not taking into account the positive or negative opinion about this product, in January 2003., ICAR is officially recorded in our history, so he became one of the exhibits in the Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina.






Author: Jasmin Krčalo