The project “Virtual Museum of Bosnian Traditional Objects” was created as an attempt to digitize and present in multimedia form a part of the exhibits in the Museum of Sarajevo through the coursework of the 3rd year students at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Sarajevo, Computer Science Department, in the Computer Graphics course. Students were creating digital content on particular exhibits, such as the information about the object, photo gallery, movie about the use of the object and an interactive virtual 3D model. In this way the students have learned the basics of composition and layout, film language grammar, 3D modeling techniques, creating textures and mapping and basics of VRML and web presentation.

After the content was created, the teaching assistant Aida Sadzak has designed the web template where the students inserted their objects. All objects are linked together in a virtual museum, an interactive virtual 3D environment through which the user can move using VRML browser and discover the content by clicking on the panels with the images of the objects.

Virtual museum has an advantage over the classical museum in enabling the visitor to explore the exhibits and turn them around, which is not allowed in the real museum, where the exhibits are usually locked in their glass frames. Through this project the Museum of Sarajevo has gained the gratis 3D digital content that will be uploaded to their web site and offered to visitors as a DVD. Virtual museum contains 41 digital exhibit.

Project team
Project coordinator – Dr Selma Rizvić, Assistant Professor
Design of the presentation and working with students - Mr Aida Sadzak, BScEE, teaching assistant
Working with students –Anis Zuko, BSc, Adnan Travar, BsC, student helpers
Students of the 3rd year, computer science, generation 2008-09